Origo – Guarantee of Origin supplier

Consuming renewable electricity, the CSR policy that makes all the difference.

With Origo, your organization can use greeen electricity without changing electricity supplier.

Our benefits


One unique representative to act worldwide.


Personalised solutions adapted to your CSR policy.


Expert knowledge of the legal framework and market for renewable electricity.

Our clients

Mickael Gauthier, director of the store Sodiflers

Origo's offer bring us an easy access to green electricity. Our relationship is transparent on a daily basis and there is a part of trust at stake.

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to understand everything about renewable electricity.

They talk about us

Il est possible de livrer au consommateur, en toute transparence, une attestation officielle du teneur de registre Powernext de l'utilisation de garanties d’origine françaises. C'est ce que propose, par exemple, Origo, en tant que fournisseur de garanties d'origine. En lire plus...