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“Facing the climate change, it is urgent to act.”

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The choice to consume electricity from renewable sources came quite naturally. As soon as the market offers us this possibility, thanks to the Guarantees of Origin provided by Origo, we must seize this opportunity.

Benoît Goffaux, purchasing director

We have been consuming green electricity from hydro since 2015, through Guarantees of Origin. Guarantees of Origin offer the opportunity of choosing which plant will generate the electricity and when it will generate it.

Valentine Girault-Matz, communication manager

Origo’s offer has given us easy access to green electricity. Our relationship is based on transparency and there is a game of trust that plays out.

Mickael Gautier, store manager

When we were convinced that the Guarantees of Origin were something positive, understanding its mechanism, we preferred to surround ourselves with an independent operator of the sale of electron and whose job was the management and sale of GO. This principle was interesting to avoid having someone who is judge and party, and to take into account the price negotiation of the electricity supply. We completely decorrelate the two.

Mathieu Boselli, energy leader

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Ecoact : our carbon offset partner

Ecoact supports companies in their carbon offsetting approach.