Why go green?

Why should you
consume green electricity?

The use of renewable energy
can bring many significant benefits to your company.
Here are some of the things that Origo has to offer:

A clear and strong
CSR policy

You reduce the environmental impact of your electricity consumption

Reduced environmental impact: as an European consumer, your energy consumption has a significant impact on your carbon footprint. By choosing renewable energy, your carbon footprint for electricity (scope 2) is reduced to 0 g CO2/kWh, and on average for gas (scope 1), it is reduced to 44.1 gCO2eq/kWh.

As a player in the European energy transition,

you can make a significant impact by paying for quality electricity and supporting renewable energies to become profitable and develop. By being a green energy consumer, you also participate in raising awareness among your stakeholders about the importance of sustainability and environmental responsibility.

by your stakeholders

By consuming green electricity, you can live up to the expectations of your stakeholders.

Green energy consumption is becoming an international norm, and demand is increasing every year. By taking action towards a carbon-neutral path, you can demonstrate your commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, which is valued by your staff, customers, and investors.

Pioneering in France

By quickly positioning yourself as a green energy consumer, your company can become a pioneer in France. This can significantly boost your business’s image compared to other companies in your field that are late to follow suit.

Responding to
international stakes

By consuming green electricity, you can contribute to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 7: ensuring access to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy services for all at an affordable cost.
Goal 13: taking urgent action to address climate change and its impacts.

Meeting international best practices

The use of Guarantees of Origin and other Energy Attribute Certificates (EACs) is recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as part of its methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of energy consumption. The Carbon Disclosure Project also invites companies to report on their energy-related responsible purchasing actions, which can help you meet the best practices of international organizations.