Why go green

Why consume
green electricity ?

The consumption of green electricity has
many significant advantages for the company.
Here are the elements that Origo offers you.

A strong clear
CSR policy

You reduce the environmental impact of your electricity consumption

Electricity consumption has an impact on your carbon footprint. Origo’s Guarantees of Origin reduce your carbon footprint to 0g of CO2 per kWh, compared to an average 51g /kWh in France, and 0g of radioactive waste per kWh compared to 2.1 mg / kWh.

You are a player in the European energy transition.

By paying for high quality electricity you make renewable electricity cost-effective and enable it to develop. Furthermore, you raise the awareness amongst your stakeholders by declaring yourself to be a consumer of green electricity.

from your stakeholders

You live up to your stakeholders’ expectations.

The consumption of green electricity is becoming the norm in Europe. In 2019, more than 760 TWh of green electricity was consumed voluntarily. Actions taken in this field are valued by your staff, your clients, and your investors.

By taking this approach, you become a pioneer in France.

Rapidly positioning yourself as a consumer of green electricity makes your company a pioneer in France. Your business’s image will receive a significant boost compared to other companies in your field that are late to follow suit.

An answer
to international objectives

You participate in the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 7 :Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy.
Goal 13 : Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impactss

You meet the good practices of international organizations.

The use of Guarantees of Origin is recommended by the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in its carbon footprint calculation method linked to electricity consumption.