Why choose Origo?

Origo offers you support

Origo’s detailed and exhaustive knowledge of the renewable electricity market means that we are able to find the perfect solution to meet our clients’ requirements.

Origo is aware of the complexity of energy issues and the challenges of CSR policy faced by companies and communities and we are here to support you in choosing a responsible energy policy.

Carefully selected sources

Origo works with you to determine which electricity source is right for you.

We help you to define the geographical area (region, country etc.) and the technological features of the plants (large-scale hydraulic, small-scale hydraulic, wind farm etc.). We also help you to consider how you would like to invest, primarily by defining the proportion of green electricity in your total electricity outlay.

Optimised purchasing

Origo has the largest network of renewable electricity generators and the best knowledge of the market.

Our ability to differentiate between the purchase of electricity and Guarantees of Origin puts you in a stronger negotiating position with electricity suppliers.

Origo can help you to reduce your electricity bill and consume green electricity.

Origo, a brief introduction

Origo was founded in April 2014. Its creation was based on a simple observation: France is one of the countries in Europe that consumes the least renewable electricity.

Ivan Debay had seven years of experience in electricity markets and was responsible for one of the largest portfolios of Guarantees of Origin in Europe, so he created Origo to enable French companies and communities to gain a better understanding of renewable electricity and to be able to access it more easily.

Origo comprises unique expertise in complementary fields. It offers support to businesses and communities throughout the purchasing process, from defining CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) and sustainable development plans up to and including support on regulatory and legal aspects related to Guarantees of Origin.

In 2017, Origo extended its services to retail customers in a bid to provide more general access to green electricity consumption in France.

Origo provides Guarantees of Origin that make it possible to trace electricity from the generator to the consumer. Origo’s mission is to promote renewable energy by enabling you to choose your electricity source.

Origo can be summed up in three words, simplicity, transparency and commitment.

We ensure you are able to choose the source of the electricity you consume without changing electricity supplier.

We provide clear detailed information about how the electricity market works in France.

We inform everybody and give them easy access to renewable electricity. Origo is fighting for an ambitious cause: we aim to make France the primary consumer of green electricity in Europe and a leader in the development of renewable energies.

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