Consuming green electricity means using Guarantees of Origin.

No need to change electricity supplier.

You go green by purchasing Guarantees of Origin

A single grid We all share the same electricity grid. The electricity flowing through the grid comes from different sources, including nuclear, carbon, gas and renewable, regardless of who supplies your electricity. 

So, what can you do? Guarantees of Origin help us to ensure that the electricity we consume has been produced by renewable sources. Each Guarantee of Origin you buy represents 1000 kWh of renewable electricity generated and injected into the grid. By choosing to consume green electricity, you are fighting for energy transition.

Guarantees of Origin can be bought separately from your electricity

Directive 2009/28/CE gives the framework for the Guarantees of Origin system. It states that there is no requirement to buy electricity and Guarantees of Origin from the same supplier.

The Guarantees of Origin approach is recommended by international organisations:

  • Guarantees of Origin were recommended in the Greenhouse Gas Protocol as part of the methodology for calculating electricity consumption’s impact on the carbon footprint.
  • The Carbon Disclosure Project invites companies to communicate responsible electricity purchases by declaring their use of Guarantees of Origin.

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Guarantees of Origin – information file

Take a look at the information file to understand them perfectly!